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A Breakdown of Contingency Fees of a Car Accident Lawyer

When you know the obligation of the party that is supposed to pay the auto accident lawyer when you are entangled in an auto accident case, it will be easier for you to access the services of the attorney. The auto accident lawyer who is hired by the insurance company to defend the insurance company pays the policyholder. An auto accident lawyer who works for the plaintiff gets paid on a contingency basis from the amount paid by the defendant to settle the case upon order of the court. If you are the defendant you need to have liability insurance underlying to the accident for the insurance company to indemnify you to pay the plaintiff, and they will also hire an auto accident lawyer for you.

You do not pay the auto accident lawyer before their services if you are the plaintiff because you are supposed to pay the attorney after they managed to help you obtain recovery from either the insurance company or the party in question. You agree upon the percentage you will stay there auto accident lawyer after obtain recovery. The auto accident attorney receives are mixed hourly contingent fees which is payment for the hours that only works for the plaintiff even when the plaintiff loses the case. You Have to pay additional hourly fee on the mixed hourly contingent fees when their lawyer manages to win the case. The sliding scale contingency is a straight-forward contingency fee arrangement with an auto accident lawyer except if you agree to pay the lawyer on the basis of a percentage on a sliding scale. The majority of auto accident lawyers do not agree to this type of payment but prefer the straight-forward contingency fee arrangement whereby the attorney is not paid unless they obtain a recovery for the plaintiff.

In most cases the auto accident lawyers agree on billable hour as the basis of payment arrangements with the defendants. The auto accident lawyer needs to be paid a retainer before they commence their work. The blended hourly payment is paid to a team of auto accident lawyers. The hourly cap fee arrangement does not consider the number of hours the attorney will spend on the case even if they spend more than their expected hours.

An auto accident lawyer may pay litigation costs for you and deduct the amount from the recovery get from the court if you do not have a means of paying these costs buts some do not offer this service. There are extra expenses in car accident cases that do not fee payment to the lawyer. If you cannot pay the cost to your case will not proceed until you pay them.